Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Last Phone Booths

Found in Onalaska, Texas (, near our new hometown of Livingston. I should've "dropped a dime" - actually, a local call cost twenty-five cents, the last I knew - just one last time.

Ever thought about how prevalent phone booths used to be in our culture? And how there's a whole generation among us who have never seen one, let alone used one?

New Kitty Crib

She's pretty content with it. And I'm much happier with the kitchen after some elbow grease, paint, and creative storage.

Our New Ride and Where We'll Park It

We've graduated to Owner / Operators!

And here's our RV park. It's small, quiet, with lots of trees. The owners are very nice, and they live onsite, meaning it'll be well maintained. And it's only a couple of miles from the 2nd largest lake in Texas!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swarf is a Word??

A new addition to my vocabulary, spotted at a machine shop in Michigan. Who says driving a truck isn't a cerebral occupation?

New Truck

Ain't she purdy?

The previous owners added a cool decal to the hood: