Friday, April 17, 2015

Part Four: Galveston

We parked at nice little RV park and rented a car so we could get out and explore. Which was a good move because Galveston really gets into Mardi Gras:

In retrospect, we probably should have explored the nightlife more. Hrm, next time.

We piled into the car, grabbed platefuls of fresh seafood for lunch, then drove to the far eastern end of the island. I could spend all day watching the freighters enter the channel headed to port:

Instead, we drove back into the old part of Galveston and oogled the mansions and urban architecture:

Impressive ship, but ... how in God's name is this an adventure?

We found a fresh seafood vendor on the channel who sold us succulent, giant gulf shrimp that had been caught that morning - click on the pic to zoom in and check out the enormous pelicans who haunt the fish monger shops on Wharf Street and gobble up the trimmings:

The next day, on the beach at the opposite end of the island:

Part Three: San Antonio

San Antonio was next on our itinerary, but we had to stop first at Buc-ees! Then I think we stopped at an HEB store that was a total disappointment (where's the overwhelming number of products geared toward a heavily Mexican clientele??), and a Walgreens to pick up an eye patch and meds for the half-blind balloon fight loser.

And then ... the Riverwalk!!

If it weren't for this tree and Caleb's zippy sneakers, I'd have lost my phone!

We had reservations for that night, so we needed more permanent parking for the RV. We set up camp at a Walmart and called a cab to take us back downtown. He was hilarious!

First, we went back to the Riverwalk to experience it at night:

We had margaritas that were good but a bit too sweet, and calamari "sticks" that tasted right but looked nothing like the stuff we get in New York. Next, we wandered into a Hooters and had dinner. It's always fun to watch girls flirt with the boys, lol.

And then, we walked over to the back door of the Alamo, because we're tourists:

And then we turned the corner and found where we were supposed to be:

I had made reservations for us to go on the Sisters Grimm Candlelight Ghost Tour. I was disappointed in the content and delivery of the tour, but having a guided walking tour of the city at night was very nice.

Part Two: Austin

We spent the night at the Flying J. In the morning, Caleb went inside and had his first truckstop shower experience. Surprisingly, it exceeded his expectations.

After breakfast, we jogged south to Round Rock and took the boys to their first IKEA:


Even staged rooms need dusting
This store makes me want to go buy a house just so I can fill it up with IKEA stuff.

Then, Austin. The hippest place in Texas:

If it looks like all we did was cruise and drink beer, well, that's accurate.