Friday, April 17, 2015

The Big Adventure, Part One: Dallas to Waco

Our first stop was Dragon Park, Dallas  - a small urban park with a very large collection of whimsical and fantasy art pieces. Click on the link to see a better collection of pictures.

Then on to a tour of the 6th Floor Museum and a walk around Dealy Plaza:

The Texas Book Depository 

The grassy knoll, on the left

And next, a short drive south to the Brazos River, where we had a date with horses!

Cowboy Jimmy, our trail guide

It's very difficult to take decent pics on a moving horse.

None of the menfolk had ridden before, but there were no mishaps and only a couple of close calls. I suspect we'll all be riding again in the future. This is my favorite Big Adventure memory.

Afterwards, we drove into Waco and visited the Suspension Bridge and the Longhorn drive art display:

We had authentic Mexican food for dinner, and then one of us got beat up by a balloon:

All in all, a very successful day.

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  1. After the ranch kid took my picture he went urgh :/ and took another. Now I see why: I had forgot to suck in my gut.

    Lol I love the picture of Silas curtseying in front of the statue.


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