Friday, April 17, 2015

Part Two: Austin

We spent the night at the Flying J. In the morning, Caleb went inside and had his first truckstop shower experience. Surprisingly, it exceeded his expectations.

After breakfast, we jogged south to Round Rock and took the boys to their first IKEA:


Even staged rooms need dusting
This store makes me want to go buy a house just so I can fill it up with IKEA stuff.

Then, Austin. The hippest place in Texas:

If it looks like all we did was cruise and drink beer, well, that's accurate.


  1. I was so, so drunk.
    At IKEA i mean, obviously

  2. Austin was phenomenal and I can't wait to go back. It felt like a big Allentown except straighter. There was a ton of activity and culture live on the street - I'll have to drag Mike down here some time.


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