Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Photo Postin' Trubbles

Late last summer, I switched my photo storage from Photobucket which is utterly useless) to Flickr (not much better). Near the first of the year, I checked out Amazon's Cloud Drive. They offer Prime members free and unlimited photo storage. I gave it a try and liked it. So I set about moving my photos, which was a pain in the arse and very time consuming.

What I failed to test was how well Amazon would play with Blogger, and that was something I now regret.The options to share are Email, Facebook, and Twitter, with a button to obtain "a shareable link". Blogger can't open the link.

So, in order to post pics from my Amazon drive here, I have to download each individual photo, then upload them here. That'll work just fine for 1 or 2 or 3 pics, but to see, say albums, I'll have to email you a link.

Which may or may not work.


Sunday, January 3, 2016


Maybe you haven't thought much about them, but I know you've seen a reefer unit. It's a regular shipping trailer with added insulation and a unit on the front that controls heat and a/c inside the trailer. It runs on diesel, usually from it's own fuel tank that's attached to the underside of the trailer. The reefer is programmed for a certain temp and the unit pumps heat or a/c into the trailer as needed to maintain that temp. They're used mostly in the food transport segment of trucking - whether hauling frozen meat/veggies/ice cream, you name it - but they're also contracted to haul things you likely wouldn't expect, like paint. Paint that's been frozen is inferior and unusable, so the reefer is used to keep the trailer temp above freezing.

While getting our generator repaired at a ThermoKing dealer, I spied the largest reefer unit I've ever seen:

I'm six feet tall, and even after subtracting the six inch platform this beast is displayed on, it's still well over a foot taller than I am.

I've gotta wonder, just what are they shipping that needs this much oomph?

Early November in Syracuse

Somebody Really Wanted In

Taken at the Petro (previously Willie's Place) in Carl's Corner, Texas.

Shifting for Narcissists

If this makes you feel that you're driving a manual transmission:

Then you're a talentless loser who isn't up to the challenge of learning to use an actual clutch.

Fancy gear selection patterns were the product of self-absorbed millennials who can't be bothered with effort.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Friendly Mirrors

When you encounter a mirror that makes you look thinner than you actually are, you are obligated to take a selfie:

Where I've Been

My last post was more than 3 months ago. So where have I been?




McKenzie, Ally, Oscar, Ariana's scarf

Hoodie hats and scarves for Laney, Madalyn, and Ariana

Six hats, four scarves. Most of my spare time for the past few months, and I even had to push through to finish them up in time.

And, to be honest, I've been uninspired. We ran so hard and fast this last quarter that it's just a jumble of towns and highways in my head.

S'ok. New year, new goals.

Happy 2016!