Friday, February 22, 2013

Freezing Rain

We ran into a bit of freezing rain last night - not much, not too dangerous, just enough to coat everything - and this was what I saw out the window when we finally parked for the night:

Got Signs?

Am I the only one who suspects someone at this shipper is related to a local signmaker?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Mirage Diner, New Rochelle, New York

Just across the street from the entrance to Iona College sits the Mirage Diner. First, a "Valencia" - two slices of thick Jewish rye, grilled and topped with plenty of feta, grilled tomatoes, Scrambled eggs, and melted provolone cheese. Next, an omelet stuffed with lots of asparagus and swiss cheese. Both were served with real homemade home fries with onion and green pepper.  Awesome!! 

(hint: the scramble and tomato with two cheese on rye would make quite an impressive breakfast or light dinner for a guest!)

Monday, February 18, 2013


Our first time at a Whataburger. OMG. It beats ANY fast-food burger I've ever eaten. Yum!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rosie Did More Than Rivet

"Excuse me, but you're taking away my man and rationing my coffee, sugar, meat, cheese - AND NYLONS???

"Bring it on, badass!"

[framed print in the women's bathroom at Texas Handgun Academy].

Zombie Mousie

After three years of cuffing, chasing, chewing, and fetching, Paisan's original furry-rattle mousies are rather timeworn. This is the only one left, and he's in pretty bad shape:

But he's still her favorite. That's love.

Love That Attitude!

"America - Fuck Yeah!"

This guy was one of three college buds who sat in front of us at Concealed Handgun Class on Saturday. I loved the shirt so much, I asked to take a pic:

Come to find out, he's a freight broker for C H Robinson, and they do a lot of business out of California and various points west. He gave us his card and invited us to call the next time we're stuck out west.

We also met a slightly older guy who used to work as a broker for Landstar, and who still has current, close contacts with Landstar suits. He offered to send us contact info for a mover and shaker in the expedite division.

Step It Up

Although this guy is on the extreme end of the vertical challenge, even us tall folks have to climb up on a tire and / or frame just to reach certain parts that need maintenance:

Whatever works!

Smog Over Juarez

Early in the morning on days of calm wind, the sun climbs over the mountains to the east of Juarez / El Paso, and tries to pierce the thick layer of smog over Juarez:

But it fails, and does so with superlative success - note how the  mountains on the right fade into a thick streak of smog, to the extent that that the gradual descent of said mountains on the left is completely obscured:

And these were taken at least 15 miles to the east of the city centers:


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Truckstop Vista in El Paso

Yes, all the natural landscaping here looks like this - all sand, rocks, scrub and trash. Very charming, in a wild west sorta way.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Miscellaneous Mountains in Arizona

Texas Canyon, Arizona

One of the most beautiful spots in Arizona, and one I can't wait to explore more some day. Texas Canyon is only a few miles long, but very dramatic, especially at dawn and dusk. There is no gradual increase in large, rounded boulders - the landscape just suddenly changes from desert scrub to enormous red boulders and back again. Google it for more cool pics. :)

Dust Storm Between Tucson and El Paso

The dust backlit by the sun:

A series of pics as we approached the storm center:

All of that dust made a stunning sunset:

El Paso, Texas Star

El Paso really is a pass between the mountains, and at night the Texas side lights up this enormous star. During the day, Juarez flies Mexican flags the size of football fields. International border competition, heh.