Monday, June 24, 2013

Rudy's BBQ, Del Rio, Texas

Rudy's is a BBQ / gas station chain in Texas, but they serve consistently goood BBQ. Chopped brisket, sliced brisket, all smoky and juicy good. *sigh* My mouth is watering. This particular Rudy's is in Del Rio, next to RV and truck parking at Walmart.

Lenny's Yum

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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Memphis as seen from the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi. I must admit, it took me a few trips thru before I figured out why they have a pyramid. :P

Friday, June 21, 2013


At sunrise. Excuse the windshield bugs. :P

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Truckstop Smoker, Knoxville, Tennessee

This TA has had a smoker near the trucker's side of the building as long as we've been on the road, but it seems we're always in a rush or coming thru in the dead of night. But today we succeeded in nabbing two big, fat, juicy pulled pork sandwiches. Sooooo good! I wanted to eat, like, three of them, but likely would have conquered two at most. Wish we'd bought more to freeze for later.

Southbound on the Delaware Memorial Bridge

I love driving over big bridges, because I love to see what's in the water below. Over the Mississippi and Missouri, there are always tugs pushing (I know: tug = push, wtf?) huge groups of tethered barges loaded with coal or gravel or scrap metal or toenail clippings or whatever. Houston is dock after dock of huge container ships and the enormous cranes that un/load them. Camden is home to several Navy ships, as is San Diego. In this pic, I've thoughtfully provided you with a very long distance shot of a smallish oceangoing cargo vessel (the red smudge at 11 o'clock) and a visually overwhelming, as well as decidedly boring, foreground of a utilitarian-industrial nature.

You're very welcome!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Jersey Sunset

Often, the best part of the day is sunrise or sunset.


Downtown Philly and the Ben Franklin bridge. Lots of traffic for a Saturday...we think there may be a ballgame today. I spotted Cirque de Soleil tents as we crossed into Camden, and was reminded of a visit to their Montreal site with the boys. We had VIP passes and were able to take in the pre-show. First time - and last - I've seen a piano player on a gyroscope. Fun!