Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Photo Postin' Trubbles

Late last summer, I switched my photo storage from Photobucket which is utterly useless) to Flickr (not much better). Near the first of the year, I checked out Amazon's Cloud Drive. They offer Prime members free and unlimited photo storage. I gave it a try and liked it. So I set about moving my photos, which was a pain in the arse and very time consuming.

What I failed to test was how well Amazon would play with Blogger, and that was something I now regret.The options to share are Email, Facebook, and Twitter, with a button to obtain "a shareable link". Blogger can't open the link.

So, in order to post pics from my Amazon drive here, I have to download each individual photo, then upload them here. That'll work just fine for 1 or 2 or 3 pics, but to see, say albums, I'll have to email you a link.

Which may or may not work.


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  1. i got your album in my email! thanks for sharing mardi gras :)


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