Friday, April 17, 2015

Part Three: San Antonio

San Antonio was next on our itinerary, but we had to stop first at Buc-ees! Then I think we stopped at an HEB store that was a total disappointment (where's the overwhelming number of products geared toward a heavily Mexican clientele??), and a Walgreens to pick up an eye patch and meds for the half-blind balloon fight loser.

And then ... the Riverwalk!!

If it weren't for this tree and Caleb's zippy sneakers, I'd have lost my phone!

We had reservations for that night, so we needed more permanent parking for the RV. We set up camp at a Walmart and called a cab to take us back downtown. He was hilarious!

First, we went back to the Riverwalk to experience it at night:

We had margaritas that were good but a bit too sweet, and calamari "sticks" that tasted right but looked nothing like the stuff we get in New York. Next, we wandered into a Hooters and had dinner. It's always fun to watch girls flirt with the boys, lol.

And then, we walked over to the back door of the Alamo, because we're tourists:

And then we turned the corner and found where we were supposed to be:

I had made reservations for us to go on the Sisters Grimm Candlelight Ghost Tour. I was disappointed in the content and delivery of the tour, but having a guided walking tour of the city at night was very nice.


  1. I didn't get any pics of the Alamo, this is great!

  2. I didn't get any pics of the Alamo, this is great!

  3. These came out really well. The riverwalk was beautiful, also I got my Ingress account up to level 5 by deploying a ton of resonators to all the empty portals.

    Hey remember that time you left your phone on the sidewalk, lol...


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