Saturday, October 18, 2014

Science Oven

Our carrier recently began switching the Expedite division over to electronic logs - something Hoss has deeply missed since we left Panther. Within hours of the announcement, he was on the phone making the arrangements. The installer nearest us was in Canton, Ohio, so we scored a job that dropped nearby and off we went.

In the waiting room, the installer offered seating, vending machines, an offensively filthy water fountain, and a microwave and television that were so old, their ages added together would hit three digits:

See? I wasn't kidding. When was the last time you saw a microwave with dial timer??

I don't think the geniuses at Sharp had even yet had the A-ha! moment about a carousel when this was boxed up at the factory.

Nope, that artifact is a Science Oven:

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