Friday, November 7, 2014

A Little Cabin in the Woods

Mineral Bluff, Georgia. Heavily wooded mountains. Bright autumn sunshine, crisp air. Fallen leaves swirling in the breeze. Faint scent of wood smoke in the air. 


We came here to attend the Saturday wedding of Hoss's niece, Jess, and her fiance, Robbie. Her brother, Jason, had found a cabin in the woods for us to share - he, his mom and her beau Gary, and we two.

Each turn took us onto a narrower, less traveled road, until we ended up on a rugged, leaf-covered trail that was barely wide enough for our rented pickup:

And then, the cabin appeared:

Inside, it was calming, charming, and well appointed. Even with the leaves mostly dropped, the only sign of civilization was the owner's home several hundred yards away through the woods (and even then it was barely visible). It was extremely peaceful, with only bird calls, woodpeckers, and chipmunks to be heard.

This might turn into an annual autumn reunion site for the siblings from the South.

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  1. Woodstove!! That looks like a gorgeous place to camp out.


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