Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chicago, In and Out

We scored a rare round trip on Friday, hauling audio-visual equipment from Atlanta to Chicago and back again. The first delivery, in Chicago, took place on Monday morning right on the Magnificent Mile. I had a great time taking pics while Hoss drove.

We even ran into a couple of landmark eateries on our way back to the truckstop, including Al's Italian Beef:

And Ed Debevic's, right across the street:

On Tuesday night, we went back to the hotel where we'd dropped to pick up the equipment and return it to Atlanta. I caught a couple more inviting restaurants:

Chicago reminds me of Manhattan, but with only a fraction of the traffic and without the throngs of pissed off subway commuters. We've decided to take a few days off sometime and explore Chicago properly - via car and with a map of legendary local fooderies.

And a list of Blues Brothers movie locations.


  1. Blues Brothers Wine and Beer tour! That sounds like a blast. There's a ton of information available on locations from the movie:

  2. chicago! i've always wanted to visit...


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