Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Carle Place Diner

Northeast diners. The classic, iconic diners with lots of stainless steel, many-paged menus with hundreds of items, and desserts so large and rich they must be shared - who can resist?

We left a consignee on Long Island, in Westbury. We'd spotted a diner with nearby truck-sized parking on our way to the delivery, so we stopped there for breakfast on our way back.

The Carle Place Diner is a large restaurant with several seating areas, marble and tile, stainless, etched glass, and a pleasing art deco design. We were met at the door by a gentleman in a dark grey suit, and seated by a hostess in a black dress. The staff went about their business in black slacks, crisp white shirts, and a black vest and tie.

We wore rumpled t-shirts and fuel-scented hoodies. I felt quite underdressed.

While we waited for our food, I browsed online reviews. The best one, we decided, described a waiter as hefty, with a thick moustache, previously employed as a strip club bouncer, and who shows his disdain by cramming his thumb into your food as he places your plate in front of you. We paid close attention as we were served.

The food, unfortunately, sucked. How does a cook scorch breakfast eggs? Isn't it likely that's the one food you cook the most of? On the same grill, day in, day out?

The Carle Place Diner has much that pleases the eye, but the food doesn't please the palate.

And keep your eye on the big guy with passive-aggressive thumbs.

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