Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tucked in a Duktig

I love cats. I like dogs, but I'm a future crazy cat lady. I subscribe to a number of cat-related email and RSS feeds for my daily chuckles. A while back, this link appeared in my inbox: Japanese cat bed idea and - voila! - three Xmas present dilemmas were solved.

Typical of IKEA, the beds are solidly built, ready to paint/finish and assemble, and are accompanied by hilarious yet very effective instructions: 

As well as a page of warnings translated into 30+ languages (which, on a rainy day, could in and of itself keep me busy for hours):

On Xmas eve, we presented one assembled bed to the daughter for her big boy, Jackson. We didn't realize that she and Jackson were staying with her mom, who is also a cat lady.

Shortly after she got home that night, daughter texted to say that all of the cats were taking turns trying out the bed and Jackson had to wait his turn before curling up in his new bed.

But in the end, Jackson was tucked in to wait for Santa:

(I'm wondering if Jackson needed a bigger bed!?)

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