Friday, November 13, 2009

DMV Visit #1

After months of casually reading and studying the New York State Commercial Driver's Manual with the idea that perhaps I'd drive motorcoach or obtain a similar job, Hoss has convinced me that expedited freight is the way for us to go. And it makes sense. We're empty nesters, with no ongoing responsibilities at home; we both love to travel and experience new adventures; we thoroughly enjoy each other's company and have very rarely gotten on the other's nerves; and neither of us is tied to a daily shower, a king-sized bed, and three course meals. By team expediting, we'd be together, we'd travel the country, we'd enjoy the potential to make a good living, and we'd have fun at it.

So I drove North to the Fulton DMV to take my written CDL. Alas, it's Friday, and with the Taft Road office closed, the line is much longer than expected. After a 20 minute wait in line, the cashier informs me that I need a DOT physical before I can take the written exam. Hmm, a new procedure.

Okie doke. I bought a physical exam packet for three bucks (no idea if I needed to or not, but I didn't want to be unprepared), thanked her, and went out to my car, where I called my regular physician. I was politely informed that they don't do DOT exams, and gave me the number for a site near downtown Syracuse. I called and made an appointment for the following Wednesday.

After returning home I hit the book, yet again. Just in case. ;)

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