Friday, November 13, 2009


Welcome to the Proper Expediting blog. Following are a few questions and answers that synopsize this little corner of the web.

Who are we?
Steve (aka "Hossman") - mid-fifties, ardent husband, with a long resume detailing management, transportation, and sales.

Paulette - early fifties, devoted wife, who spent 27 years working for a ginormous insurance company's IT department and would rather live in a cardboard box than go back to the cubicles and suits and endless, fruitless meetings.

Together, we share six (mostly) wonderful kids and five grandkids, two cats, and a flaccid bank account. We both love new adventures, new people, travel, local customs and foods; we value hard work, honesty, and above all, each other's attention and company.

What is the purpose of this blog?
To document the launch of a new career and lifestyle, and the adventures - both good and bad - resulting from that choice.

For whom are we blogging?
Primarily, for ourselves; I expect this new career will lead us to many new places and faces that can be documented well via this medium. Secondarily, for family and friends who want to share these adventures with us. And finally, for anyone interested in this career and the successes and pitfalls we encounter along the way.

What do we want to achieve via this blog?
Our blog will journal our new venture into expedited freight as a husband / wife driving team.

How much of our lives will we disclose?
We will be forthright about our successes and failures, with the expectation that a reader may well benefit from our mistakes. After we hit the road, we'll document where our travels take us and who we meet on the way.

How much time will we commit to it?
Posts will be published at milestones during our journey, with updates provided minimally every week.

What is our exit criteria?
The framework of our blog is our foray into expedited trucking. When that ends, so does the blog.

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