Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DOT Physical

The waiting room was quite busy, and I overheard a good deal of talk about being called back from a layoff. Perhaps things are picking up locally? I did have to wait considerably longer than I'd expected, but with nothing else to do, it wasn't an issue. There were a couple of other women in the room besides me.

The testing was pretty standard stuff, really. Height, weight, read line 5 on the eye chart, pee in a cup, etc. I once again managed to pass the eye exam without wearing my glasses, so that restriction won't appear on my license. They tested my coordination and balance, my hearing (by whispering behind my back while I faced a corner of the room), made sure I could bend over and squat, etc. The only thing they brought to my attention was that they'd found traces of blood in my urine, which is likely a very mild UTI. Hoss wants me to take antibiotics, but I don't see the need. I'll pay attention to it, but it'll probably resolve on its own.

So, I'm healthy enough to drive truck. Let's see if I'm smart enough.

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