Thursday, October 3, 2013

Freight is a Capricious Mistress

During our first few years on the road, our most frequent destinations were in a large sweet spot roughly framed by the mid-Atlantic, the Deep South, Texas, and the Upper Midwest. Rarely were we offered loads to Florida or California - and when they did come our way, we carefully weighed all the variables before accepting because there were even rarer loads back out.

So far this year we've been to both Florida and California several times and have been promptly dispatched back out, providing some beautiful new scenery: 

Monterey Bay, California

All Aboard!


Likewise, we made so many trips to Laredo between mid-2010 and the end of 2012 that at one time we seriously considered renting an apartment there. But those loads mysteriously dried up for us this year. Although we made plenty of runs to the DFW area and every conceivable borderside dock between Houston and El Paso, Laredo eluded us. Until last month. Now we're there on a nearly weekly basis. Go figure.   

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  1. Take me to California with you!! It looks so beautiful there.


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