Thursday, December 12, 2013


My son has added a new label to his blog entitled "Engrish", and I'm inspired to do the same. Although there are many types of Engrish (you can spend hours here), I particularly like the odd and clever, oddly clever, and plain damn funny Engrish produced by Asian restaurateurs:

Houston, TX

Lumberton, NC

Manning, SC

Montgomery, AL

Tifton, GA

Edison, NJ

Not sure - NC, perhaps

North Cicero, NY

I lost a phone a couple of years ago, and with it, a pic of my all-time favorite Engrish restaurant name. I haven't been back there since to re-take it. So I'll break the rules just this once and post a pic that I personally didn't take, because, well, it's just that good:

Frankfort, IN

 Yes, the "Everything OK" Chinese Restaurant. How can you not want to eat there? They've got a Facebook page if you want to see more pics and read about them. And if I ever get back there again, I'll even write a review of the place.

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