Saturday, December 28, 2013

Xmas 2013

I love my crazy family. And I love cooking for Christmas Eve - I look forward to it every year. Many thanks to Mel and Ginny and Miranda and Irene and Tracy for your help and support. The night passed too quickly.

I promised recipes but didn't expect it'd take me nearly four days to get them up on the blog. Thanks for your patience! Here are the links:


Deviled Eggs

Pigs in a Blanket

Assorted Brats from Liehs and Steigerwald

Main Course


Spaetzle - I used this and it's MUCH easier than a colander or a squeeze type of spaetzle tool

Warm German Potato Salad - Don't forget the chopped bacon topping like I did (facepalm)

Onion Pie - I modified the recipe to make individual pies, but a large family style pie will be easy

Roasted Brussels Sprouts - again, I forgot the bacon


Black Forest Cupcake - I left off the ganache and simply sprinkled with 10x and they were plenty rich

Apple Strudel

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  1. Dinner was amazing, and don't worry about forgetting the bacon. Silas enjoyed eating handfuls of it out of a plastic bag. I had a great time this year!!


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