Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lucked Out

Mother Nature smiled on Texarkana.

The dire weather warnings were a total bust. We saw a brief spit of snow, but no freezing rain, no ice, no sleet - a relief to retail stores in the area, most residents, and the scores of electricity crews sent here in preparation for potential power outages. These fellas showed up at our hotel late Friday afternoon and managed to park all of their equipment in the kinda small main lot:

We encountered several large groups of them as we ran errands, forming lines at gas stations, driving in convoys through town on I-30, gathering in parking lots, and parked in long lines at the edge of frontage roads. I wondered how many of them had been called in to clean up after Katrina. No doubt most have fascinating stories to tell.

When Saturday morning dawned cold but sunny, the crews packed up for home. Luckily, they won't have stories of a massive ice storm in Texarkana.   

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