Sunday, July 13, 2014

Church Food Is The Best Food

Especially when it's a Greek Festival.

On our way toward our delivery early Friday morning, I took a detour into a charming small town to pick up a fast food breakfast. On every charming corner was a blue on white sign: "Greek Festival July 11th & 12th". 

But, it was too early in the day for festival food. The people of Price, Utah were just starting to move about and we would be too far away after our delivery to reasonably return for lunch.


This happens to us often. We'll ride into a city and see billboards and signs announcing an event we would love to attend - a gem and fossil show, a concert, a gun show, a rodeo, any manner of food event - and it's invariably on a past or future weekend. Never on the weekend when we're actually there.

That afternoon, after our delivery and a nice hot shower, we ran numerous reports to compare recent load stats for Salt Lake and other cities in the West. Not surprisingly, Salt Lake lost. If we were going to score a load anytime soon, we needed to move.

Lo and behold, our best route toward good freight took us right smack through Price, Utah.

And so at Noon the next day, we drove down 2nd Street in Price and came upon the very beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Where they  have a dandy sense of humor:

And a reputation for fabulous Greek food, as evidenced by the looooong line waiting to get into the food pavilion:

Caution! Food porn ahead:

We ordered take out for two meals apiece, knowing full well that a single meal wouldn't satisfy the craving. The gyro was overstuffed with tender slices of beef and lamb, tomatoes, onion, a bit of lettuce, and plenty of tzatziki wrapped in a pillow soft pita. The dolmas were tender and perfectly seasoned. Both were heavenly. We also had spanakopita, tiropites, roast lamb, pork souvlaki with a fabulous lemony-garlicky marinade, a creamy pilaf, fasolakia, and a small slice of karidopita and loukoumades for desserts.

The good Greek ladies of Price, Utah made us very happy this weekend.

If you're surprised, as I was, to discover that Utah has a substantial Greek population, you can read about it here.

Or if you'd have never guessed that the annual Greek Fest in Salt Lake City draws 100,000 people each year, just Google "mormon food".

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