Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life Elevated

After a pleasant weekend in Fort Worth, we were offered a load from Dallas to Salt Lake City. Normally we would have turned it down - manufacturing isn't as prevalent there as it is in the East and Midwest, so expedited loads back out are hard to come by. But the load paid well enough that we decided to accept, and so off we went.

We've been to and through Utah before, but never the southeastern quadrant. Known as Utah's Canyon Country, the vistas are a breathtaking combination of vibrant colors and sublime sandstone formations. We saw quite a few antelope and several herds of horses - possibly wild - and I spotted a bobcat. The clear, dry air and cooler temps were a welcome relief from Fort Worth's broiling weather.

When we get done living in Texas, then Wyoming, I think we'll probably move to the Utah town of Moab, open a food truck, and call it "Gronk's Paleo Cave Food".

Click here to view a slideshow of more pics.

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