Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's done. Now all we have to do is wait and watch the mail.

The intake clerk at DMV got an instant headache when we listed all the changes we wanted to accomplish today. In fact, once he'd heard our list, he rolled his eyes and said "Oh, they're reeeeally going to love you."

After a 20 minute wait, we were called to window 4 and were met by a cheery, happy young clerk who processed my enhanced license application - a nightmarish stack of paperwork that requires not only an OCD-driven need for documentation, but a degree in mathematics, as well. She packaged it all in a manilla envelope stamped with a rather stern warning about removing any documents while waiting for the next clerk, then sent us back to the benches to wait.

Another 30 minutes, and we were called to window 9. Although I expected an exercise in total confusion and frustration, our window 9 clerk was quite on the ball. In only 15 minutes, he accurately and efficiently processed all of our paperwork, and even managed to make us smile a few times (the pea soup was AWESOME, Brian, you should have stopped by!).

With HazMat papers in hand, we drove to the NYS Police barracks at the airport, only a few miles away, to be fingerprinted for our HazMat endorsement. Despite a building full of hot troopers, we get called into the back room by a guy with the sex appeal of Barney Fife. ~sigh~ Nonetheless, we were thoroughly fingerprinted and Albany is on the case. We should hear back regarding our background check in just a couple of weeks.


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