Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's official! We start a 3-day orientation at Tri-State in Toledo on Monday, then will be ready to roll from there.

The owner gave us a little detail about the truck we'll be driving, so that helps as we plan what we'll need and what to take. It's a late model Hino, 6-speed, with a 76" sleeper. As she said, it's nothing fancy, but it's sturdy and will serve us well.

I have so many to-do lists, I've had to color code them.

Our neighbors have graciously offered to check on the house now and then, to make sure the sump pump doesn't die and leave the basement awash in flotsam and jetsam. Goomba Lou is going to live with Son #1 in Buffalo; Paisan will come with us on the truck. Therefore, the house will be empty and winterized as much as possible - at least the utility bills will be cheap.

This morning, I realized that in order to take the cat with us across the border, we'll need an updated rabies certificate from the vet. Paisan is overdue at the vet, anyway, so I quickly made a vet appointment for tomorrow morning. It's the little things like that I'm afraid I'll overlook.

Hoss called DMV yesterday and was told our background checks are complete and we both have qualified. Our licenses, however, won't arrive before we leave for Toledo. *groan* So we made a quick trip to DMV today to obtain a temporary document showing the hazmat endorsement. That will do, for now.

Some things just can't be planned ahead. For instance, we know the truck has an inverter and generator, so appliances like a coffee maker and Foreman grill would be useful to have - but how much room is available for storage and / or practical usage? The bunks, I believe, are oddly sized, so what bedding should I plan to take? Dunno. We'll have to see the sleeper and assess what will work and what won't.

I hate that - but learn to roll, I must.

Despite the aggravations involved with getting ready to hit the road, we remain very excited and are looking forward to what my brother calls "road mode". :)

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