Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tri-State Ahoy

A few uneventful hours in the car and we landed at the Super 8 nearest Tri-State headquarters. Jeez, Northern Ohio is flat. I'd forgotten just how flat it is. We unloaded Paisan and the remainder of our baggage, then drove a dry run up to the Tri-State headquarters, a few miles away. The complex sits on, um, many acres. Luckily, the area has many acres to spare.

Although we had planned to meet our new boss that evening, one of her other teams encountered truck problems, and she had her hands too full to meet with us. Instead, she arranged for us to meet another of her teams, Rob and Mark, who happened to be there waiting for a load. They were very friendly, and eager to share advice and encouragement. Both had nothing but good things to say about working for Mindi, and were happy to frankly discuss The Big Two - character and compensation. Hoss's instincts about her were apparently dead on.

They gave us a quick tour of the driver's lounge - actually a very large building separate from the office building - where orientation is held. The lounge building is very clean and bright, with free showers and laundry facilities, a full kitchen, a large flat screen TV with satellite feed, and lots of comfy sofas and chairs. It wasn't what I'd expected at all.

Afterwards, we drove a couple of exits up the highway to a Meijer's to buy a few things we'd overlooked, and then a nice dinner at Applebee's before heading back to the hotel for some sleep.

Paisan is doing surprisingly well, although I'm sure she'd like to claw my face off for putting her through this.

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