Monday, February 1, 2010


We arrived an hour early to meet with Mindi before orientation. She's exactly what we expected - a petite bundle of energy and sharp as a tack. We sat in the kitchen and talked while the coffee percolated nearby and other new drivers straggled in. Some were quite, uh, colorful. More on them later.

Hoss has sweated his DOT physical for over a week. At his last exam, his blood pressure was high in the normal range, and he's put on a few pounds since then. So he's eschewed salt for a week, taken low dose aspirin, niacin, fish oil, etc., and although we don't know if it's helped lower his pressure any, he did manage to lose 12 pounds in a week.

After lunch, the doctor-nurse tag team arrived and we pee-in-a-cup participants queued up in the hall for the festivities. Hoss's BP was, indeed, high - stage II, in fact. He has three months to get it under control. Guess we'll need a weekday back in Syracuse soon so he can visit his doc for meds. For the first time since I was pregnant, my BP was high, as well. The doc retested it after a few minutes, and it dropped enough to get me back in the normal range, so I got a pass this time.

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