Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Wow, we slept like logs last night! The Webasco (sleeper heater) kept us nice and toasty, and the cat managed to sleep on top of me or wrapped around my head all night without stepping on my face. Niiiice.

Shortly after breakfast, we were offered a load from the nuclear plant in Waterford, CT to Philly, but it was canceled just as we got under way due to the weather. Apparently, Philly is going to be hammered with snow yet again tonight.

We continued North to a truck stop for fuel and were debating where to park for the day when another load offer came in: Hoboken to New Castle, PA. Score!

We arrived at the shipper's at 1pm and they loaded 10 enormous doors that were being returned to the manufacturer. The sky began to get dark near some berg named Allamuchy; a quick check of the radar showed we were driving right into the mess. Joy.

Shortly thereafter, we got another load offer for the next day: Franklin, PA to Paris, TN. We'll drop in New Castle in the morning, get some breakfast, then drive the roughly 45 miles to Franklin for an afternoon pickup.

We parked at a Walmart near New Castle and ran inside to forage something up for dinner. We tried a Steamfresh chicken and roasted garlic dinner. Gack! I managed to eat a few bites, but I won't be buying that again.

Time to settle down for the night and watch it snow through our cab attic window. :)

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