Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paris in the Spring

We got a few hours of sleep, then hit the local McDonald's for breakfast. I'm not sure if my Southern buddies realize this, but only the McDonalds' in the South serve biscuits and gravy (and did you know in the Northeast coastal towns, you can order a lobster sandwich at McD's?).

Note to self: never, EVER order McD's biscuits and gravy again.

We made our delivery and immediately got another load offer from Selma, TN to Austin, TX. Uh, Texas? Land of warmth, sunshine, and BBQ? Yep, we're on it.

After some serious justification, we decided to buy an XM radio for the truck. It's a business expense. Honest. We'll listen to weather on it. And the occasional Big East hoops game. We stopped at a Best Buy in Jackson, TN and went shopping. Hoss was able to find a portable model we can take with us for $79. Woohoo! I took a nap in the sleeper while Hoss installed it and had fun goofing off with it.

You'll never guess what we ran into in Arkansas. Yup, snow. Lovely. By the time we were a couple of hours into it, every truck stop, every on and off ramp, every rest area was packed with trucks sitting it out. Helga handles well in the snow. Good thing, because it snowed all night.

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