Sunday, February 7, 2010

Velcro is Our Friend

We have one of those plastic drawer units near the foot of our bunk to hold and organize a few cans of food, paper and plastic goods, cat food, etc. And although we (I, actually - I'll take the blame for it) set it up about 1/2 inch higher in the front to keep the drawers closed, it appears the heavier items seem determined to escape. To keep the drawers closed, I affixed some Velcro to the sides of the unit, wrapping around to the front of the drawers, and voylee! No more imminent Chef Boy Ar Dee escape attempts when Helga makes a right turn. Of course, now it takes both hands, devoted concentration, and raccoon-like dexterity to retrieve a single godforsaken plastic spoon, but at least we won't be clobbered in the head by a can of ravioli.

We watched both the SU game and the Superbowl at the neighb's, and feasted on pizza and wings. At 11pm, we closed up the house once again, loaded one extremely disappointed cat into the sleeper, then hit the road. Stamford, here we come.

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