Friday, February 12, 2010


~sigh~ Snow. Dallas got several inches, and we saw snow as far south as Waco. But we made our delivery to Samsung in Austin - we unloaded circuit breakers the size of coffee tables, by the way - and before we were completely unloaded, we got another load offer from Dallas to St. Louis. We'd planned to go out of service and get a room for the night, but the load pay was very good, so we took it. We stopped at a small BBQ joint named Cowboys BBQ for a chopped pork sandwich, then continued on to Dallas (actually North Richland Hills) for our pickup. We hit the road right after that for St. Louis.

Oklahoma. When I lived in Wichita, Oklahoma was good for one thing - beer sales on Sunday. How many times did I make that 45 minute drive down I-35 to the State Line bar to pick up a couple of cases of beer for me and my hungover friends?

I drove us through to Joplin, then we napped for a few hours in a truck stop. Hoss let me sleep when his alarm went off, but as sleepiness set in, he tried valiantly to wake me up - even going so far as reach behind him and whack the bed with the windshield squeegee. But alas, I was dead to the world. Oklahoma wore me out.

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