Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hazmat II

We decided to postpone the written by a day so the 7 day waiting period to upgrade my license would be over and we could get it all done at once.

"All" means take the HazMat written, start the paperwork for the background checks, upgrade my permit to a license, apply for an enhanced license, and renew my soon-to-expire license. And all of these are much more expensive now, of course, because it's a CDL - we're talking several hundred dollars. Good thing I'd robbed a bank the day before. *rolleyes*

The written tests weren't that difficult. Hoss was confident we had studied sufficiently and would pass, but as the worrywart half of the couple, I wasn't so sure. I had already started the test when Hoss breezed into the room, slapped his answers down on the sheet, then turned in his test and sat to wait for the results. I took my time, double and triple checked my answers, sensing just a dight of competition in the air. I finished up just as the DMV clerk called Hoss to the desk with his results: 5 of 30 wrong. He'd passed. She then tallied up my score: 3 of 30 wrong FTW! Slapdown!

We'd forgotten to take the documents needed to apply for the enhanced license, so our plan was to run home, grab what we needed, then go back and finish up the paperwork.

But somewhere between applying for a marriage license in Atlantic City last February and today, my birth certificate has disappeared. Gone. Nowhere to be found. The same original birth certificate I've been carrying from state to state for the last xx years was, apparently, called home to Archive Heaven.


We pulled out drawers and folders and envelopes, but it was all for naught. After a few hours of searching, I gave up and logged on to the Maine vital records website to order a new one. FOR SIXTY BUCKS. With the processing fee and expedited delivery (how's that for irony?), my inability to locate my birth certificate would add $92.50 to an already expensive process.

So now we wait for the new one.

For the money it's costing, it'd better be pretty.

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