Saturday, November 2, 2013

Family and Friends

Hey there everyone!! We will be posting to this blog with some interesting ( to us - hopefully you also ) adventures and day to day items. We are working on a map that will be kept up monthly with all the cities and routes with miles that we travel. Paulette will be doing most of the posts as she is our creative director, I on the other hand am director of praise and encouragement!!  You can also sign up with your email and it will give you a notification when a new post has been done.. that way you will not have to be checking back ( unless you want to ) to catch the next riveting story, but you can burst with excitement when you see the new post alert show up in your email.. Hope it is something that will bring you along so you can get a small taste of what we get to experience while out here on the road, missing our family and friends..

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