Sunday, June 8, 2014


We delivered last Saturday morning to a consignee just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. This was one of those very rare deliveries that could be planned ahead - the majority of the time, we don't know where we'll be or when. Since our whereabouts could be predicted this time, though, we arranged to have all of our mail forwarded to a UPS store in North Charleston. A clerical screw-up at our Texarkana mailbox forced us to wait through the weekend, out of service. Well, we'd had a good week, so why not enjoy the weekend and see the sights in Charleston?

We got a hotel room (in my opinion, they're missing an enormous marketing opportunity by failing to advertise their hideous choices in lobby furniture) and rented a car. On Sunday morning, we found our way to the Charleston City Market - admittedly a tourist trap, but a very charming one. We browsed the market vendors, picked up a few Christmas presents, then decided the best way to see this historic section of the city would be from one of the many horse-drawn carriages.

Our last stop was the Circular Congregational Church, directly across the street from the lot where we parked:

We managed a brief stroll through the church's graveyard before the gates were locked at 6 pm. Even that quick, unorganized jaunt resulted in sighting several 250 year old headstones.

Breakfast the next morning was at the Hominy Grill, a newish venue that is damn near as famous as the White House. We ordered two of the breakfast entrees that made them famous - Shrimp & Grits and the Charleston Nasty. Both were so good, I didn't stop snarfing long enough to snap a pic. I did catch a shot of the simple-yet-adorable table arrangements:

We finished with an order of the Chocolate Pudding - designated as The Best Thing I Ever Ate by Alton Brown:

And I concur. With every fiber in my being. Best. Ever.

I not only bought a cookbook (sorry, no chance in HELL it's going to be a xmas giveaway; I'm keeping it for myself), but I fell in love with the strong flavor of their unsweetened tea and persuaded the head waitress to sell me a pound and a half of bulk tea leaves. FTW!

Charleston is a very charming city. I'd love to go back someday and spend more time and money.

But just how much time and money will be determined by the number of references I encounter referring to Yankees and Northern Aggressors.

It was over 150 years ago. Get over it already.

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  1. I love your food posts. Now I'm craving a chocolate pudding that tastes like bunny souls.


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