Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Terminally Bruised

This is why my blog posts are few and far between: our bed fell on my laptop. We have a full sized bed in the sleeper that folds up against the wall and reveals a two-person dinette. Each night, the bed is unlatched and carefully lowered. One night about a  month ago, this nighttime routine occurred as it does every night, but without the "carefully". My laptop was in the way of the bed and the effect was akin to halving a watermelon with a two by four. The damage is dead center and affects a full third of my screen, making any computer task pretty darned aggravating. 

What hurts even more is that I paid $350 to have the screen replaced just a few months ago. 

This laptop was doomed from the start. I splurged on the thing, spending almost three times what an everyday laptop would have cost. This model had the top of the line graphics card, super high resolution, and plenty of memory and storage I wanted to process digital photos. Not ten days after its purchase, it slid out the open door of the truck and struck the concrete with as much velocity as it could muster. The monitor was in considerably worse shape than it is now and was, in fact, unusable. After months of hauling it around and trying unsuccessfully to find someone who could replace the screen on the spot, I left it with Caleb. He managed the logistics of the replacement for me. That repair alone didn't revert it to perfect working order - its suicidal leap from the cab rumpled the SD card port (grrrr!) and rendered the touchpad completely stupid, doing things I didn't ask it to do and not doing things I did.

But it was usable. Until recently.

When I buy a replacement next week - a cheaper, less fancy model - this unlucky guy going to laptop heaven.

I hope I don't go crosseyed before then.

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