Sunday, June 8, 2014

Frosted Toast

Mexicans have the best junk food. Especially their baked sweets. Visit any area with a sizable population of Latinos and every retail food outlet will have an abundance of sweet, chewy/crispy/spongy portions of goodness all wrapped up in shiny, colorful wrappers printed with words I can hardly pronounce:

On this trip to Texas, a new pastry caught my attention: Rebanadas. Frosted Toast.


I was compelled to try it.

Plain old white bread, toasted to a completely dry state. Two slices of the same, with a fairly thick, sweet, whipped filling not unlike the stuff inside Twinkies.

I broke one sandwich in half (the package contains two full sandwiches). I got a lapfull of crumbs and a rather unappetizing view of the shiny, almost metallic sheen of the filling therein.

Gawd, do I eat this?

I nibbled on the corner of the dried toast. It tasted like ...... toast.

I took a small nip of the center of the sandwich ...... dry toast enhanced with a rather tasteless whipped goo.

The remainder went in the trash. I think I'll limit my border junk food adventures to aguas frescas.

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