Thursday, February 13, 2014

Northeast Georgia

We spent the night in Dublin, Georgia - just a few miles below the line separating rain and freezing rain. This morning, we started toward our next pick up near Augusta. Although the roadways were mostly dry and traffic was very light, the sights along the way told the story of the night before. We saw several houses with enormous tree limbs through the roof, the porch, the car in the yard; countless power poles broken and dangling when a large tree limb landed on the line they support; acres of evergreen trees snapped in half from the weight of the ice. As we neared the cons and the temp warmed, we encountered miles of road ditches boiling from the falling chunks of ice as it melted and fell into the water lining the roadway. Numerous roads were closed due to downed power lines and fallen trees; we were lucky to only have to detour once. Following are some pics from the trip. Again, they were taken in a moving truck through a dicey windshield so they aren't the best ... click on them if you care to see larger versions ...

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  1. my friends, the wealthy MENSA brothers Nick & Rocky Ognio, live somewhere in Georgia. we had them over for Niagara Falls last year!


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