Saturday, February 8, 2014

The New Boyfriend

You know you've chosen well when your husband goes out and buys you a new boyfriend.

Meet the newest love of my life, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

Yeah, he's a big, beautiful beast. Note the rose gold trim. Matches our wedding rings. Hoss is such a romantic.

The cover has a small window that works with the lock screen. It allows you to answer calls and take pictures without even flipping the case open.

This phone - actually, some call them a phablet - does so much cool stuff I can't put it down. And the camera takes beautiful pics:

If the blog is slow for a couple of weeks, you now know why.


  1. 1) that phone is gorgeous. i have an iphone and i'm legit jealous.
    2) awww, what a sweetie!
    3) you took that picture? what the fuck is that brown thing? that pic belongs on etsy!

    1. It's a jicama. You'd love it. Texture of a crisp apple, but sorta non-starchy potatoey in flavor. Great with a Greek yogurt dip as a healthy chip, or chopped and added to salads, etc. Use the Google machine.

  2. just now i noted to tmoth that your phone is so big it looks like a tablet.

    he called it a "phablet." that's a thing now.

    1. I was worried it wouldn't fit in my pocket, but it does. No way I'm ever going back to lugging a purse around. Whew!


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