Friday, March 14, 2014

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

A view of the Sarah Mildred Long bridge and the newly reconstructed Memorial bridge in Portsmouth harbor. Pic taken from the Piscataqua River bridge as we crossed it going North on Tuesday (3/11).

A few more pics from our delivery to my home state:

A mile or so North of the Piscataqua River bridge, in Kittery, Maine:

Yes, that's a lobster painted on the side of an industrial gas tank. No, I don't know why. I surmise it's the local equivalent of Pancake Bunny.

And finally:

A fiercely defended Maine favorite, you can't walk through a grocery store without tripping over pallets of the stuff. And despite my ability to trace my Maine ancestry through the Colonial Wars, in truth, I never really enjoyed Moxie. But I'm all over daring my friends to drink one. :) 


  1. what's it taste like? what IS it?

  2. It's one of the first soft drinks ever made - in fact, Moxie came out about 10 years before Coca Cola. It's a lot less sweet than most, and is almost bitter. It tastes like someone dug up a basket of fetid roots from their local bog and fermented them in an attempt to cure cancer. Just bad.

  3. I've never had the pleasure either, but I'm familiar with the zealous fanaticism ascribed to Moxie lovers.


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