Friday, January 10, 2014

Day Two

Or, How to Be Successful at Landstar.

While the first day was centered on safety, this second day was all about running and growing a successful business with Landstar. All carriers will talk about your cost per mile, but Landstar helps you determine what your break-even cost per mile figure is. All expedite carriers will give you various formulas for doing it yourself, but here they walk through it with you. It seems rudimentary - you can't know you're profitable unless you know at what point you reach profitability. At Landstar, everyone leaves orientation knowing exactly what that figure is. In addition, you're coached on how to market your business. This company realizes that ensuring you succeed means that they succeed.

They also offer numerous tools for finding loads that we've never had before, and they really do focus on their contractors' security and comfort.

It takes a lot to impress cynical old me.

This is a good move for us.

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