Sunday, January 19, 2014

San Antone

Two days of queries but no offers. We decided on Friday afternoon, after a few phone calls and oracle consultations, that a move to San Antonio would put us in a better spot for freight. We had just left El Paso when a call came offering a run, oddly enough, from El Paso to San Antonio. Our planned drive would now be paid rather than funded via our own pockets. Nice!

Would we have scored a job sooner in El Paso with our previous carrier? Hard to say, but if one had come through, it likely would have been below our contracted rate, or, our acceptance percentage would have taken a ding if we'd turned it down for low miles or lousy destination.

The load didn't deliver until late Monday afternoon, but a call to the consignee confirmed they could accept the freight on Saturday; we wouldn't have to sit on the load all weekend. The short 550 mile drive to San Antonio was leisurely and included a full night's sleep in a non-moving truck. The delivery went perfectly.

The weather has been sunny and warm, and so much more pleasant than two weeks ago. Yet this morning I woke up with incessant sneezing and a crazily watery nose. Allergies? Really? It's not birch pollen season up north, so what's got my histamines all amped up?

Turns out, it's Mountain Cedar. It's reported that a full 90% of people who have allergies are also allergic to Mountain Cedar. Luckily, it has a short season and a small distribution area that's limited to the central interior of Texas.

Note to self - plan to spend future Januarys in Arizona or New Mexico.

And stock up on allergy meds just in case.

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  1. Maybe y'all will get a load from Laredo back to civilization. If so, get Hoss to holler when you get close to Cotulla on I 35 and I will buy some coffee at the fly in J.


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