Monday, January 27, 2014

Looooong Load

Spotted as we stopped in Las Cruces before Christmas, two of these beasts were lined up on the side road between the TA and the Pilot. They were making the corner toward I-10 as we left the TA. 

Seeing the coordination of effort and communication between the team members really makes you appreciate the pre-planning and professionalism of those involved. Several members stopped traffic while the tractor began the turn, and then carefully monitored clearance. A team member with two additional spotters walked behind the rig and remotely turned the three rear axles so the turn could be made. After about 10 minutes, they were clear and parked at the side of the road to gather together and plan the next turn, onto I-10. It really was fascinating.

No idea what these massive things are, though? Can anyone ID them?

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