Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One is Done

We delivered our first load for Landstar this morning in El Paso.

Changing carriers means new procedures, new terminology and new forms, new dates to remember, new phone numbers to manage - new just about everything. There's always a learning curve, and try as you might to remember everything covered in orientation, you can't and you won't. Each step of this first load required reviewing our notes or even a phone call to Operations, but having changed carriers a couple of times in the past, we know it will come naturally in just another load or two.

We then drove to the Petro for breakfast and a shower. Hoss spent the afternoon familiarizing himself with the Landstar web sites, settlement paperwork procedures, and the rest of the carrier specific things we hadn't had time to delve into before getting our first job in Rockford. I cleaned the floors of the sleeper and cab (salt makes a helluva mess), then cooked up several chicken breasts I had on hand to use in salads.

The weather here is sunny with a light breeze, and 60 degrees. It feels almost tropical.


  1. i went out in shorts and sandals when it hit 40 here. i has the envy.

  2. everyone's glad you might feel more at home with the new company. sounds like a good deal!

  3. We're in San Antonio with the a/c on. lol


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